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The History of Flying Cars

15 Jan

For over a century now, people have been dreaming about driving flying cars, high above the traffic and people down below. But just take a look around and you won’t see any winged vehicles hovering above your head. Do you ever wonder why humans haven’t been able to make it happen? Throughout history, people have […]

5 Great Driving Apps

12 Jan

By now, all drivers – young and old, experienced and inexperienced – have gotten used to hearing the warnings about texting and driving and how dangerous mobile phone use behind the wheel really is. But that doesn’t mean that mobile technology doesn’t have its place in the world of driving and navigating America’s roads. There […]

Texting While Driving in Florida: Are the Laws Changing?

10 Jan

Using a mobile phone while driving isn’t just unsafe, it’s illegal and punishable by fines in many states. However, many of the fines are so small that they’re easy to ignore. Texting and driving is a difficult violation to enforce, and police forces around the country have struggled to make drivers put their phones away […]

Are Touch Screen Steering Wheels the Future?

5 Jan

Touch screens are a big part of daily life. So it should probably come as no surprise that auto manufacturers are experimenting with touch screens on the steering wheels of new vehicles. How would you like to sit in the driver’s seat with a touch screen steering wheel at your fingertips? University of Duisburg-Essen Research […]

Why Connected Car Technology Saves You Time & Money

1 Jan

In a modern world when people are connected to technology and each other pretty much at all times, connected cars are revolutionizing the way we take to the road. But connected cars aren’t just a passing trend. They hold a great deal of promise for preventing accidents, reducing fuel waste, and alleviating traffic headaches. Accident […]

The Future (and Legality) of Self Driving Cars

20 Dec

  Self-driving cars are the automobiles of the future, but lots of legal questions arise as they get closer to being on our roads and highways. Since the invention of the first early automobiles, so many road and traffic laws have been implemented in all 50 states. Will self-driving cars also be tangled in red […]

Can Simulation Booths Help Prevent Teen Texting While Driving?

15 Dec

By now, most teenagers in American have been warned repeatedly about the dangers of texting and driving. Yet sometimes the risk doesn’t feel all that real when you’re out on the road on your own. Some high schools around the country have established distracted driving programs to reinforce how real the risk is for young […]

8 Green Driving Tips to Protect the Environment

28 Nov

Although automobiles have gotten a somewhat nasty reputation for polluting the environment, there lots of ways to drive greener and protect the environment when you drive. Not only can some environmentally conscious driving choices help reduce your carbon footprint, but they can also save you a lot of money. Here are 8 green driving tips […]

How “Connected Cars” Promise to Reduce Auto Accidents

21 Nov

Each year, the automotive industry continues to evolve and become more and more high tech. Many tech features boost safety, while others ensure a greater degree of comfort, convenience, and connectivity. But despite tremendous technological advances throughout history, roadway fatalities are still far too common across the country and around the world. According to recent […]

How to Effectively Use Turn Signals on the Road

19 Nov

What percentage of the time would you say you use turn signals before making a turn or changing lanes on the road? Some drivers view turn signals as a courtesy, but their use is actually required by law. Turn signals provide an effective means of communication to let other drivers know where you are going […]