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How to Transfer Your Driver’s License to Another State

27 Dec

For many people, a new year means a new beginning. As 2015 swings into full gear, many of us will be making positive New Year’s resolutions and trying to stick to them. If one of your resolutions involves moving to a new city, there are a few logistical things you may need to take care […]

Strange Driving Laws from Around the World

10 Dec

Although most driving laws are designed with your safety in mind, some are just downright baffling. Driving on the opposite side of the road has nothing on these quirky regulations! But who knows, maybe you can appreciate a few of these and wish they were implemented in your own hometown. From coast to coast and […]

Commonly Misunderstood Traffic Safety Laws

2 Dec

Drivers in America are required to take a written exam in order to get a driver’s license, but rules of the road are easily forgotten as the years go by. Even a quick poll of your family and friends will likely reveal how many basic traffic laws are forgotten, misunderstood, and misinterpreted. Although these discrepancies […]

Determining Who Has the Right of Way

23 Nov

The concept of “right of way” is especially important for young drivers with only a little experience on the road. Many traffic laws only state that the right of way must be yielded, but provide few instructions beyond this. In the most general sense, right of way means who has the legal right to go […]

How to Effectively Use Turn Signals on the Road

19 Nov

What percentage of the time would you say you use turn signals before making a turn or changing lanes on the road? Some drivers view turn signals as a courtesy, but their use is actually required by law. Turn signals provide an effective means of communication to let other drivers know where you are going […]

Top 5 Reasons Police will Pull You Over

17 Nov

Drivers never welcome the sight of flashing lights and the sound of wailing sirens behind them on the road. But getting pulled over by a police officer has happened to almost every driver at one time or another. Although no one is a perfect driver 100 percent of the time, there are lots of precautions […]

How Oklahoma is Cracking Down on Impaired Drivers

19 Oct

Around the holidays, there’s always a big crack down on drunk drivers around the country. Unfortunately, many holiday celebrations involve both alcohol and travel, so impaired driving becomes more of a problem than usual. This past Labor Day weekend, Oklahoma law enforcement agencies joined the national campaign, “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.” During this […]

What to Know about the Texting and Driving Ban in Florida

6 Oct


Last year, Florida joined a large majority of states to prohibit texting and driving throughout the Sunshine State. Although this law has been in effect for the past year, many Florida residents are still unaware of its implications or unwilling to comply with the law. Here’s what you need to know about Florida’s texting ban. […]

What You Will Learn In Your Drug & Alcohol Class

17 Feb

All first time drivers under the age of 18 in the state of Florida are all required to take a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course, also known as TLSAE, D.A.T.A, Drug and Alcohol or Permit Course. The reason for this course is simple – minors need to be aware of the effects of drugs […]

Basic Florida Traffic Laws & Highway Safety

9 Dec

Before heading out on the road, there are some basic traffic rules and safety tips you need to learn. Although these do not cover all Florida laws, it’s a good starter guide for the inexperienced driver. Train Crossing – What do I do? When you stop for the train, stop at least 15 feet from […]