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10 Tips to Avoid Drowsy Driving

13 Nov

Drowsy driving has become as much of a concern on the road as drunk driving and distracted driving. Even though everyone agrees that fatigued driving is a bad idea, about one-third of Americans admit to driving when they were a little too tired. “If you’re so tired that you can hardly keep your eyes open, […]

Why Teens Aren’t Driving and What They’re Missing Out On

11 Nov

Driving has always been a rite of passage in America, and getting a driver license is one of the most important milestones of the teenage years. But recently, it seems that teens just aren’t as interested in driving like they used to be. According to federal census and highway data, only 27 percent of 16-year-olds […]

Outdated Features from Automotive History

6 Nov

Throughout the course of automobile history, certain features have come and gone with the times.  Some of them we loved and others we loathed, but they each have a place in the automobile’s story. As trends and priorities change from one generation to the next, standard features frequently become out-of-date and replaced by something new […]

How to Handle Wildlife on the Road

5 Nov

deer crossing

Although you and your fellow drivers are trusted to know and understand the rules of the road, wildlife species have no idea what road safety even means. More people kill wildlife with their cars than during hunting or in any other way, and the results are often devastating to all involved parties. Read on to […]

Safety Requirements for Self-Driving Cars

1 Nov

Driving safety and convenience are at the heart of self-driving cars, however, many Americans are still very skeptical about driving one. Automobile manufacturers have been testing and perfecting technology to make these cars safe for everyone from first-time drivers to senior citizens and everyone in between. Industry experts see the potential for self-driving cars for […]